Across the globe today, thousands of women marched for many many reasons.  I had intended to join them, but my anxiety and agoraphobia got the better of me, and I didn’t make it downtown.

Instead, I practiced my own kind of self-care, which involved buying a weight bench, putting it together, and starting Week 1, Day 1 of Body Beast.  I think this program will be something positive to focus my attention on for a while.  Even though there is a ton going on in politics, my work and my personally, or maybe because there is so much going on, I need a new outlet.

I’ve been doing parts of P90X on and off, and more recently P90x3 semi-regularly, and while those programs include weights, they’re very cardio focused.  I’m excited to give real weight lifting a chance for a while.  I’m not afraid of lifting heavy and gaining a little weight if it comes with greater functional strength and more chances to show off my biceps.  So, let’s Beast Up!