Weekly Wrap: Daylight Saving

I used to looooove love love Daylight Saving Time; before I was a runner of course. I’ve always been a summer, sunlight kind of girl, so it made sense to love the extra long days of summer.  When they first proposed extending DST to start in March and end in November, I thought I would love it even more.  Turns out, not so much.

Right as I was thinking I could probably start to work in a run before work in the not-dark, the time’s all shifted. At least it hasn’t been too warm in the mornings yet.  🙂

I haven’t been running that much anyways though, and I really want to change that.  I have been doing the Body Beast program since January and while I have enjoyed it, it’s been a LOT.  I’m surprised I’ve managed to stick with it and keep up with it to the extent that I have though, and I’m pretty proud about that.  But as we head into spring, I’m looking to get back to what makes me feel the best physically and mentally (not to mention I’d love to lose the few pounds that have crept on while I’ve focused so much on strength training).

I want to run fast* AND be strong!

Inspired by Dashing in Style‘s most recent post, I’m going to try out Coach Jenny’s Advanced 5K plan.  Even though I don’t race, I try to run a couple of race simulations for myself a few times a year.  And I think this plan will fit in well with my existing Body Beast plan and my work schedule.  I’m looking forward to running by HR, feel and time and not pace and distance.

Despite the fact that I really want my hour back today, I’m looking forward to the coming of spring.  I’m taking all the opportunites for fresh starts the universe will give me, and this seems like one ripe for the taking.

  • fast FOR ME.

Weekly Wrapup Many thanks to Holly and Tricia for always hosting the Weekly Wrap linkup.

It has been helping me think about my training as well as my blog and posting more than I would without it. Here’s to even more consistency going forward.