Weekly WrapUp: 5k plan

I managed to stick mostly to my running training plan this week. I originally picked the Advanced plan from Jenny’s plans, but then decided to go with the Intermediate and make the Advanced plan my aspirational goal for each run. Sadly, my Body Beast workouts sort of fell by the wayside.

The week got off to a bit of a rough start. Monday, 40 minutes was scheduled but I made it only 20 minutes. My calves tightened up and it was really difficult to keep going, even after stopping to stretch and slowing way down.

After that, things improved:

On Tuesday I made it through Bulk: Chest and called it a day.
Wednesday called for 45 min with pickups, which I managed to complete.
Thursday I went to Dane’s Body Shop for cross-fit. My company has recently started hosting a weekly workout session. It’s been quite challenging but I’ve enjoyed it.
I exceeded Friday’s run by about 5 minutes to make it an even 5k.
I rested on Saturday and Sunday I finished up the week with 5 miles (again, about 5 min over the called for time)

This week, although I’m late with the wrapup, I’m ahead on my workouts and hoping to keep up better with both the running and the weight training.

Weekly Wrapup Many thanks to Holly and Tricia for always hosting the Weekly Wrap linkup.