I have half-heartedly tried the 80/20 plan a few times in the past year, but never stuck with it past a few runs.  But I’m trying again, and am well into the second week.  One of Dashing in Style‘s recent posts about adjusting her running as she get older really hit home, and it was one of those things that changed my perspective on running and aging and that it all really is okay.

I have always said that I want to continue running as I get older.  But I’ve also realized that isn’t going to happen if I put so much pressure on myself that I dread getting out the door – which is exactly what was happening.   I struggle to run in the heat and humidity, but I live in Texas, so for better or worse, that is going to be something I deal with the majority of every year.  Making peace with slower runs that don’t leave me so sore and tired is going to be key in keeping going.

In addition to keeping my heart rate lower as I run, I’m starting an actual spreadsheet to track my mileage and the weather on the days I run, just so I can track if the heat and humidity really has much of an impact on my running as I think.  And also to have something to measure against next year in the heat, and hopefully prevent myself from feeling so discouraged.

And with this new blog and domain, I hope to get back to documenting it all: my running and everything else more regularly.