Weekly Wrap 02

Happy Monday, another week has come and gone already.  It was a busy, exhausting week over here.

On Tuesday, Crossfit kicked my hamstrings!  We did front squats, followed by weighted lunges, followed by a run … oof!

I woke up sore on Wednesday.  The kind of sore where even laying in bed doesn’t feel so good.  It was hot and very humid, but I made it out to the track/trail.  I did 3 miles, with the first 2 miles being primarily 30/90 second sprints and recovers and the last mile nice and slow.

On Thursday we ~finally~ close on our former house. Because of the timing, I missed crossfit and was not even sad.  After driving way across town to sign some paperwork, we came home, took a nap, and went out to a fancy dinner at Uchiko.

Here’s a few of things I poorly captured from our night out – they were delicious!

rice bow

onigiri • scallion • pickled lotus root • ajitsuke tamago


japanese yellowtail • ponzu • thai chili • orange supreme

jasmine cream

jasmine cream • cilantro granita • pineapple honey

On Friday morning, I was destined for a meeting in San Antonio with a coworker.  I planned to get up early and run, but I was still tired and sore, so I didn’t.  Whomp whomp.  But I did talk with my coworker who does crossfit with me (it’s a work sponsored thing) and he said that everyone was sore and grouchy and had actually talked to our coach.  Apparently Tuesdays and Thursdays are leg-focused days, but our coach said he could modify for us, since we are not the typical class (let’s be real, we’re all 30+ [or in some cases, 30++] year olds with desk jobs and we call ourselves the fat-kids class).  So I’m hoping a shakeup reinvigorates me.

Saturday, I napped.  Twice.  But we did a lot of walking around the neighborhood.

On Sunday, I struggled on my long run.  Even keeping my heart rate low, I just didn’t want to keep running.  I mentioned on my instagram how it went, but I ended up running 6.2 total miles and walking 5 additional miles. I ended stronger than I started, so I’m calling it a win.

With all the stress of the last few months (buying/selling/moving/changes at work/etc) that I’m just a little run down.  But I woke up this morning feeling reinvigorated and ready to jump back in.

I’ve been going over the 80/20 training plans and have decided to really commit myself to half marathon training.  I picked a date of 12/25 as a ‘race date’ and though I won’t really race on that day, it should be a good day for me to go for a nice long run and see if I can’t set a personal PR or you know, just have fun.  (I love running on holidays)

I’ll be jumping in on week 4 of the plan, but I’m doing the Level 1 plan and have a pretty solid base (this week notwithstanding), so for tomorrow I’ve got my Fast Finish 4 run programmed into my phone, we’re expecting an overnight cool front and I’m ready to enjoy this fall season!


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  1. How fun to pick the holiday as your half marathon goal day! I love running around our neighborhood that time of year and seeing all the holiday lights. Buying/selling/moving are so very stressful! I hope you are feeling more settled now. Thanks for linking!

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