One of my “favorite” things is when other bloggers make these kinds of lists.

I’m only a moderate consumer of stuff physical and digital, but I’ll see what I can dig up. Here’s a few goodies:

This Rainbow Sweater – which my bff linked me. It’s perfectly perfect.

Beachbody 30-day Breakaway – an outdoor running program from BOD?! YES! I’m not even sure when this drops, I was so excited by the news I forgot to watch the video. This might be what it takes to break my treadmill addiction. Speaking of which,

Peloton – has some fun group challenges this summer. I don’t have a branded tread, but the app and my watch are enough to make the runs really fun and challenging to PR.

Homemade Crunchwrap Supremes – lest those workout links make your think I’m virtuous. I made these a few weeks ago and they came out AMAZING. All I’ll say is

a. that the recipe says it makes 4, but it made closer to 6 for us, with a bucket of leftover queso (don’t worry, we ate it with tortilla chips a few days later)

b. I like a big dinner and even 1.5 of those babies was too much for me. Proceed at will.

c. Watch the YouTube video, because Farideh is adorable and it actually helped me make sense of how it all comes together.

And last, I’ll mention YouTube itself. We’ve had a few household projects and I love that are so many experts who make awesome videos that teach you so much more than you could learn mucking up a project multiple times. It’s nice when technology actively brings good into the world.

Happy Friday, friends!