I spent a good part of the day cleaning and rearranging furniture in our dining room / my office. It feels a lot more open and even Mr. Z commented on how now it felt. Asynchronistically, we moved into this smaller house closer to my last job (where’d I’d been for many years) just as my career path there would wind down. Now I’ve been working from a home that is much smaller than our last. I super love working from home but I do hope for a move again when the current *waves hands* situation eventually… does a thing? gets better? whatever?

I had plans to blow up my overpriced inflatable pool today, but it didn’t work out that way. We’ve either lost or got rid of our air compressor, so that we a fun search and realization. 🙂 Pink and grey colored skies

But it’s just as well. It looks like a little storm cloud may be making its way across the skies. I’m not mad, I just hope it brings a little reprieve from these triple digit days.