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I have a lot of … something about this painting. The scale of these “sailboats” is super wrong, and they all seem awfully close and have you been to Gulf Coast? no way the water is deep enough for your boat this near to shore.

lest my former post lead anyone to believe it’s all sunsets and mimosas over here:

if/when your life moving plans go to shit, I recommend renting a sunset view condo and declaring the next two months fakecation! #veryprivilegedpost

my husband speaking the truth: “Listening to new albums takes a lot of emotional strength that sometimes we just don’t have.”

“I wondered if it was possible to donate my body to science before I was actually dead. I wondered if a disease were to be named after me what the symptoms would be.”

― Miriam Toews, quote from A Complicated Kindness

Hello again, again

I spend too much time thinking about blogging and so little time actually blogging. I’d really like to set a schedule and commit to it. I really miss old-school blogging but there are still some good ones out there that give me the warm fuzzies (and good doses of inspiration).

As of last week, I’m halfway (or really more like one-third) vaccinated and can’t wait to get my second (Team Pfizer) shot. I took 3 days off work so if I feel puny that’s fine and if I don’t I’ll still get to take extra naps. Win/win in my book.

I’m also burnt out on work and not only daydreaming about, but actually working on a 5 year retirement plan. It’s probably going to be a partial pain in the ass, and require some uncomfortable compromise, but the thought of only a few more years of 40-hour weeks is so enticing.

So, that’s the recent state of Z, with more updates to come hopefully sooner rather than later.